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Established in 1992, CKP Acrylics is one of the UK's leading specialist plastics manufacturers. We supply products to a wide variety of industries including boat and car manufacturers, shop fitters, point of sale, display and exhibition companies.

Largest ovens

Having one of the UK's largest ovens for forming sheet plastics, we can drape form acrylic up to 50mm thick, and polycarbonate up to 10mm thick. This process is used for boat screens, some automotive screens, machine guards, and many display and advertising applications.

Smaller oven

Our smaller oven and presses are used for press-forming parts such as headlight covers, and we can also vacuum form acrylic up to 3mm thick.

A wide range of products

CNC routing machines and fabrication equipment, coupled with our drape forming capability, allow the manufacture of a wide range of products, normally in acrylic, but also including most sheet plastics, such as polycarbonate, PETG, Foam pvc, pvc, HDPE, polypropylene, polyethylene and acetal.

Variety of facilities

We offer a variety of facilities for a selection of applications; we also sub-contract to other professionals so that we can provide the full service.

Main Facilities:

  • CNC router - 3m x 2m bed with vacuum hold-down. Two router heads

  • CNC router 1m x 1m bed with vacuum hold-down. Single router head

  • Line Benders

  • Welder for polypropylene/pvc fabrication

  • Oven 1m x 800mm for drape and press forming. Presses 400mm x 400mm and 750mm x 750mm for press forming

  • Oven 3m x 1.5m for drape forming up to 50mm thick acrylic and up to 10mm thick polycarbonate

Sub-Contracted Facilities:

  • Screen printing and paint spraying

  • Clear hard coating to give scratch resistance

  • Line bending of polycarbonate using brake presses

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